Welcome to InterStu we aim to deliver high quality careers and higher education guidance and support services for students within a constantly changing environment
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Interstu’s services, are designed to prepare international students for acceptance onto undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at our partner universities around the globe.
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Career Services

Our services have been the stepping stone to students reaching their career aspirations through our expertise in bridging the gap between education and industry.
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InterStu has organised this exclusive event where we have shared our experiences and provided advice on student life, building a prosperous business or a career in the UK and a unique opportunity to hear real life experiences from successful young entrepreneurs and professionals.

We have provided useful information on the following issues:

Importance of applying to the right educational institutions.

How to choose the right course that fits you?

Networking & leadership; what are they and their significance?

What skills and traits are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur?

What it takes to secure a job after graduation?

How to transform an idea into a business and what challenges start-ups face?


What People Say

What real people said about InterStu.


Salema Naji

I was studying my foundation at INTO City campus. I found out about Interstu after my foundation year through my friends who used their service and were happy. I had some issues finding the right university for Law degree and had issues trying to get acceptance onto a course. I was short and time and didn’t know what to do until I approached Interstu. They went past my expectations and within a very short time got me offers from 2 universities while I only was hoping for one. I was very impressed.  

Rashed Alzaimi

University of Brunel (London, UK)
I had a dream of doing my PHD in London and the problem was I was unsure of how to get accepted at a university of my choice. I heard that Interstu help with applications so I phoned their customer service and was booked an appointment right away. Once I sat with them I found out that they could offer me more than just get into a PHD but they even offered to advise me with my proposal. They even introduced me to an advisor at Brunel University which they later got me acceptance into. They were with me all the way, and I can’t say how grateful I am for what they made possible for me. I am still at the university and still communicate with Interstu every step of the way and they never fail to respond.  


I recommend InterStu services for international students who are aiming to study abroad because sometimes it is quite difficult for us students to get enough information about the application process, as well as, finding the right university. I was having difficulties finding a university that would accept me and if it wasn’t for Interstu, I don’t think I would be in the UK right now. All I needed to do was to come in its office and talk to one of its advisers, they were very helpful and I did not have to worry about anything, they arranged everything for me. I’m currently studying at Plymouth and Interstu have been with me every step of the way.

Abdullah Aldhakeel

The friendly advisors at Interstu gave me honest and knowledgeable advice in where to study as well as how to find information while studying at university. During my application Interstu took care of everything and deal with my application for three-month with the different university as it was difficult to get place in Media as I did not have the background for it and my previous foundation result. I felt hopeless when some university refused to give offer after having skype interview. I really appreciate InterStu team for their great services and expertise. They just not only managed my offer in media and communication in the Swansea University but also my accommodation in the Swansea bay.  I love my home and university and feel without them I would have still been in UAE.  I Highly recommend InterStu for university advice, accommodation, and counselling.

Israa Abuhubayrah

Northeastern University  (Boston, USA)
Interstu provides a good service for applying the university for students. I am very happy with how they deal with my application. My visa was rejected twice Interstu applied again for until I got accepted. I think they very professionals and are very nice. They are quick to answer every question, which makes me happy. They helped me of every step for my university application in the whole process. It is comfortable to have this service.