Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision

Interstu’s mission is to deliver high quality academic/educational advisory and career services to students within a constantly changing environment and to assist each student in developing and implementing a tailored academic plan specially designed to meet his/her educational, career and life goals.

Our Aims

Interstu was established in 2009 with an aim to help international students to identify their academic direction, educational goals and help them develop meaningful and compatible educational plans and success strategies.

Interstu aims to work closely with academic institutions to inspire young people, identify and raise their aspirations in life and ensure students’ awareness of great career opportunities and possibilities that are open to them and how to achieve their life goals.


Help students see the importance of planning for their future career.

  • assist students in meeting their academic goals, develop educational plans and guide them through the process of clarifying their interests and values.
  • Advise students in selecting appropriate courses, and other educational/experiential opportunities.
  • Teach students about degree requirements, university policies, procedures, and academic support resources, and educational opportunities relevant to their success.