Interstu’s services, are designed to prepare international students for acceptance onto undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at our partner universities around the globe.

Interstu offers a unique opportunity to facilitate the link between guidance/University Counsellors and International University Admissions teams to help and assist students in successful and stress-free transitions into the university life.

Interstu works closely with its trusted partners to facilitate the best possible outcomes for students interested in international education opportunities.

We provide advisory on educational institutions, programmes and courses available that would meet your needs and requirements.

We provide:

University guidance

InterStu offers a unique opportunity to facilitate links between Guidance/University Counsellors and International University Admissions professionals who help support students in the transition to university.  InterStu works together with our members to support the best possible outcome for students interested in international higher education opportunities.

Admissions services

Do you have questions about the study options InterStu offers? Do you wish to apply via InterStu?

Contact us– we have the answers.

Follow-up services

We do not only provide admissions services.

Upon Successful admissions into your educational institution we provide follow up services within our Interstu membership CLUB.
It can be hard for an international student to follow up with the workload and sometimes there may be a language barrier. Interstu is dedicated to provide you with a suitable tutor to ensure that your queries and any academic issues are resolved. Our brilliant academics and tutors could also assist you with exam and assignment preparation, provide you with techniques and time management advice necessary to achieve high grades.

We are your best supporter so we make sure that you develop successfully by conducting follow-up sessions to see how far you have gone to reach your goals.