Top 10 university courses with the heaviest workloads

University is hard work. In between making your 9 am lectures and making new friends, you’ve also got to master cooking, cleaning and your finances. On top of all that, there’s your coursework.

Depending on which course you choose, your workload will vary. Using HEPI UK Engagement Survey 2019, and raw data from researcher Rachel Hewitt, we have calculated the courses with the most contact hours, as well as time spent on independent study or work placements, per week. Note that figures have been rounded.

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What do universities look for in a personal statement?

A personal statement is your chance to make your UCAS applicationstand out and convince tutors at your chosen universities that you’re the perfect candidate for a course.

A short essay of 4,000 characters, with the content, structure and tone entirely up to you, it can also beadaunting prospect. “Interviews are no longer routine in the admissions process, other than for highly competitive courses, and that makes it all the more important for an applicant to use their personal statement effectively,” explains Joanne Tallentire, head of admissions at Queen Mary University London.

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